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USASF Guidelines and The Cheerleading Worlds

USASF Guidelines and The Cheerleading Worlds


The USASF (United States All Star Federation) is the biggest firm that units out the entire guidelines and rules for All-Star Cheerleading. Every year they arrive out with new guidelines – a few of which deliver up lots of buzz within the cheerleading world. The 2012-2013 season is not any exception to this. I’m going to speak about a number of of the key rule modifications that deliver up lots of buzz.

Tumbling Rule Modifications
• Standing fulls are usually not allowed
• Standing doubles are usually not allowed
• Consecutive bounding, twisting expertise are usually not allowed

Age Grid Rule Modifications
• Get rid of mini stage 3 via mini stage 5
• Get rid of youth stage 5 restricted groups by putting restrictions on youth stage 5
o No double fulls in tumbling
o No kick doubles in basket tosses
o No twisting in braced flips
• Not separating junior coed stage 3 from junior all lady stage 3
• Not separating junior coed stage 4 from junior all lady stage 4
• Backside age for senior groups, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, and senior restricted stage 5, might be 10 years outdated
• Backside age for senior stage 5 groups might be 12 years outdated
• The age restriction for a global open group that’s stage 5 is 15 years of age and older
• The age restriction for a global open group that’s stage 6 is 17 years of age and older
• Get rid of worldwide age rule for the US groups – athletes should be of authorized age based on the age grid by the lower off (August thirty first) of that season

All of those new guidelines are to be applied throughout the 2012-2013 all star cheerleading season.

Together with the USASF being the key rule maker inside all star cheerleading, they’re the individuals who permit the handing out of Worlds Bids. Worlds is the highest competitors identified to all star cheerleading. It’s for senior stage 5 cheerleaders solely. There are solely so many worlds bids provided per 12 months, and the USASF divvies out which competitors will get handy them out based mostly on the variety of groups and athletes attend their occasion.

Bid season is correct across the nook! With that being mentioned, a few of it’s possible you’ll be new to cheerleading and never know a lot details about what a worlds bid truly is. A worlds’ bid is actually your ticket to The Cheerleading Worlds. With out one, you can not go and compete on the most prestigious competitors for stage 5 cheerleaders in Orlando, Florida. There are three various kinds of bids which can be provided: at-large worlds’ bid, partial paid worlds’ bid, and full paid worlds’ bid. I’ll go in depth somewhat bit extra to elucidate the variations between the assorted forms of worlds’ bids.

At-Giant Bid: An at-large bid is actually an unpaid worlds bid. The sort of bid permits groups to go compete at Worlds. In contrast to the opposite forms of bids provided, groups should pay the total worth of the competitors. The prices embody precise competitors charges, lodge charges, journey charges (ex – airplane, bus, rental automobiles, and so forth.), and hopper passes to Disney (as a result of the competitors is positioned in Orlando and the competitors is on Disney properties).

Partial Paid Bid: A partial paid worlds bid is a bid that partially pays for a group’s journey to Worlds in Orlando, Florida. The cash for the bid comes immediately from the competitors firm that they win the bid at. The prices that the partial paid bid for pays for a similar issues that an at-large bid pays for, nevertheless the general prices are much less to the athletes or gymnasium due to receiving among the cash from a contest firm.

Full Paid Bid: A full paid bid is fairly self-explanatory. It is a utterly paid for journey to The Cheerleading Worlds by the competitors firm that they win the bid at. The prices which can be paid for are the entire identical prices {that a} partial paid bid and an at-large bid has.

The best way groups acquire bids (irrespective of the sort) is thru varied nationwide competitions hosted by a wide range of corporations. Groups compete two days and get a mixed rating that provides you a rating. The competitors firm then fingers out Worlds bids at their discretion.

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USASF Guidelines and The Cheerleading Worlds